A square peg in a round hole?

January 13, 2007 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

All to often, we see questions like, where is the navigation component gone, Where have themes gone and even worse, where is clip art gone!

I find incredible when i travel through our little corner of the Internet, how difficult it is for people to let go or these old FP components!

Already, we see a small army of add in developers scrambling to be the first to put out this tool and that. Tools that bring back the old functions of FP. Such things as page include – well yes nice touch, valid and very useful. Navigation is another big one on the wish list and yes again, i am in favour and liked this component. It did not however produce valid code! That for me really is the limit of my wish list going into expression web, but it does beg the question…

If these were taken out due to non valid resultant code, will the add ins offer a valid method to return these components and functionality? After all Expression web is part of the so called Web2 which is essentially valid sleek coding using XHTML CSS and XML to name but a few.

Whilst it will be nice to see how the add ins square up, lets not forget that we are using Expression Web as a tool to produce valid code and not as a suped up FrontPage. If you like frontpage, stick with it but you run the risk of being left behind! Lets face it, if you make web sites using FP, at some point in time you will be using EW so jump on board now.



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