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January 26, 2007 at 11:09 am Leave a comment

Expression web upgrades should be a simple thing!

At we were one of the first to get hold of the expression web ctp1, which was really only a souped up frontpage or if you like, frontpage with a css editor. (back then May 06, the product was called expression web designer) Then the beta version came out and a good deal of the frontpage bots were removed in favour of validity. And finally the boxed retail version came out in mid December 06 in the USA! We got hold of the retail version via one of our forum members and the thing travelled half way around to world to our base in the UK so a full box version install is on the cards.

As i wander about the web, i had picked up some comments with regard to some of the expression web templates that were in the ctp1 and beta version were not available in the retail version! The templates that come with Expression web are a great way to get up and running and making changes to a default template is very easy to do. Before our boxed version install, i hope to make a copy of all the Standard expression web templates. That way if any are missing, we still have a copy. We have some modified expression web template downloads available on our main site so feel fre to go and get one.

The good news for us in the UK and i supect Europe, is that expression web is now available via or The bad news is it costs so much more than in the USA.


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