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May 2006 saw the first CTP1 release of Expression web (then known as expression web designer) the CTP1 was a limited sneak preview for what has become expression web.

I was lucky to get hold of a CTP1 and immediately set out on the journey of discovery.

Very quickly, we saw expression web reviews popping up all over the place. For me at the time, it seemed that many of the reviewers were looking through the eyes of another editor, looking for the cracks in Expression web, ready to renounce the product as a glorified FrontPage, eager to expose its perceived inability to live upto its remit. But slowly, one by one each review conceded that the product was highly capable of doing what it was designed to do – produce valid, accessible web sites.

Even now, with many of the minor issues of a first release exposed, expression web holds its own. Sure, i have seen a fair share of hissy fits, much throwing the dummy out of the pram, you know the types, “Why won’t expression web do this?” “I might as well stick with FrontPage” or “EW doesn’t do that, i going to try Dreamweaver! The stark reality being that the user in question probably didn’t fully appreciate how FP or for that matter DW worked! These are the type of user who want a program that will do what they want to do without ever really knowing what it is they really want to do!

I suppose in some respects, expression web is no different that Global warming or Carbon foot prints! You will never get on top of it if you don’t change your ways. Opening the box and expecting to produce a valid web site is a tall order but one that expression web can deliver. However, bringing the old habits of FrontPage will quickly see you drowning under non compliant code.

There is much talk of converting old FrontPage built sites into valid expression web web sites and i have to stop and ask myself why. Why would you want to convert a code bloated, out of date FP web site? Expression web presents the opportunity to re-create your online presence. A real chance to slim down your code. You should take this opportunity to completely rebuild your web site from the ground up! If you think that’s hard work, go ahead and try converting, you will quickly understand why i suggest a total re-build.

Have fun.



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