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January 14, 2008 at 7:35 am Leave a comment

Expression web password protect web sites/members only sites is an often requested feature. The login controls are available in expression web, but no easy method of implementation is available.

The often cited solution is to grab a copy of Visual web developer express edition (a free download from MS) and set it up there!

The problem with this is twofold…

1) you have to download another programme

2) you have to learn a little about the new programme

In reality, the setting up of members only web sites is quite simple, if, you are prepared to put the time in.

However, not one to be beaten, i decided to do my research and find a solution that works from within expression web.

I am pleased to report that it is in fact possible to set this whole thing up without the need to get VWD express, nor try to understand what is going on with that product.

The key to setting up password protection is the asp.net web site administration tool that is available with the asp.net development server. the admin tool open up a whole lot more but thats for another day.

I am currently working on a tutorial to explain just how simple this process can be and will post the solution in the next week or so.

If you have login control experiences that you would like to share,  come and have a chat over at our forums.




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