New expression web tutorial for new expression web users

March 13, 2008 at 1:26 pm

So you have come in search of expression web help, but cannot understand what on earth is going on! All this talk of Divs and CSS has left you feeling numb and confused!

Fear not help is at hand.

It pains me to think that some users are being left behind or feel excluded from using expression web due to a lack of understanding. Who are we to assume, that you will just slip into using expression web and create great sites.  It is wrong of me to assume that you just know what a div or css is.

So this new expression web tutorial is for 2 types of people. Those that don’t care and just want to be able to work the thing, and those that do care and want to understand the inner workings.

Tables: I feel sure you will know what they are and that they can help with page layout. It is familiar ground for frontpage users, so it seems right that somebody should offer a transitional tutorial showing how to use expression web within a table based layout. Note the word transitional. It means to help you move accross from FrontPage but it also means to help you move onto div based design.

This free expression web template tutorial takes you from a blank page through to creating pages from a dwt that you will have built. It is something like an hour long.


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