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May 10, 2008 at 4:43 pm

I have been spending a great deal of time looking at many of the controls that ship with expression web.

File upload. Nice simple control to get images and other files upto your server.

membership control. Actually quite easy to get working if your host is supportive. However i also found a way to localise the concept where, you give the user a user name and password to gain entry to a specified protected folder/s. This is quite nice as you control who can go there.

Data views grid views and other database tools. Some will remember my xml shopping cart which is quite popular but not an easy set up. So  it though i would do the same with a gridview and an access database. Bingo, very basic but very simple shopping cart which is essentially 2 pages and a simple access database.

Outside of all this activity, i have been pushing expression web to the limits with XML – well i like xml it is so simple. But i digress, i say push its limits and that i have. A great friend and i have been building a monster 700 page xml driven web site that is near completion. The only real issue is the expression web slows to a crawl with this much data. We hope to publish in the very near future.

Everything i have written about is in my strange little head but i hope to write up some tutorials in the very near future.

Check out my expression web help forum for ongoing details.





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